Winter 19/20

Soon Winter!

Some highlights and inspiration for coming winter:

-Ice climbing

On selected weekends and days we offer courses and guided ice climbs.

A suggestion:
travel to Abisko on Thursday, Ice climbing course on Friday- Sunday afternoon. Travel back on sunday night. We always have a 1:2 ration on or ice courses  to be able to offer close coaching and great flexibility everything to make you a indipendend climber.

in January and February we can offer iceclimbing in the Aosta valley (cogne) and Switzerland. 

-Liftbound skiing

In januari and februari Isaac is based in the alps . So whether you want to ski in Switzerland (places like Andermatt, Engelberg etc), France (La Grave, Chamonix) Or Italy with the Monte rosa or Piedmonte, det in touch! 


Join for Touring in the Alps in Januari and Februari or join to NORWAY in March-May with places like Lyngen Lofoten and Narvik.

DonĀ“t  hesitate to get in contact for inspiration,  information and requests

See you in the mountains!

kind regards,  Isaac

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